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Change Management in TOYOTA


The Toyota Motor Corporation always adopt with business environment for the purpose of long term growth.

As a root for Management Decisions, think long-term.

Problem-solving process

Develop employees for Adding value to Toyota

Recognize the solving root problems constantly initiatives organizational learning

The Toyota Motor Corporation Makes decisions gently by consensus, Consider entire options thoroughly and implement its decisions rapidly with the changing environment. The Toyota Motor Corporation is now expanded in different countries and worldwide market and it has grown-up as a large multinational corporation from wherever it started

The Need for Change Management


The main aim of Coca-Cola is to meet and satisfy the needs of customers with excellent product manufacturing and distribution. The change management of this company is very fragile since they predicted that there are some marketing challenges in the near future that they need to face. In-order to access the changes in Coca-Cola Company, there should a concrete identification of issues attached with company. The radical change process will affect the employees and other stakeholders of Coca-Cola Company. Basically, the route of the change is towards the development of workforce and not on the services. Since, the company has already established a reputation of delivering good services in the market. The change is also about the possible financial problems that the company may face in the near future. From this discussion, the following figure shows the force-field analysis of the change management procedures suggested to the application of change management within Coca Cola Company.

Impacted By A Change In Management


Howard Schultz worked on an aggressive turnaround plan, closing under-performing stores and initiating technology based changes in the company. While emerging markets are driving the growth in global coffee consumption, in the U.S. this growth is driven by specialty coffee. Specialty coffee consumption in the U.S. increased threefold between 2000 and 2015. For Starbucks to drive growth and profitability in the U.S., the expansion of its reserve stores is critical stimulate consumption of gourmet and rare coffees. An increase in consumption of gourmet coffee can increase the average beverage spend per customer visit at a Starbucks store, thus driving revenues and impacting the valuation of the company positively.

We believe the change of guard at Starbucks should work well for the company. Johnson is known for his technology experience should be able to drive the mobile and digital initiatives at Starbucks. These changes should ensure growth for Starbucks over the long term.

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